satan wins? can that be?

Easy as pie! All the enemy has to do is keep believers sedated with the weak and anemic Christian lifestyle that surrounds us today. So, how did this come about? A short history lesson:

About four thousand years ago God established a covenant with the Hebrews known as The Old Testament. Within this covenant came the promise of rich blessing for obedience, but with their continued backsliding and rebellion God's judgment was found and His blessings were withdrawn,

Taking advantage of the Jew's 2000 years of cumulative error, satan ended his efforts by having GOD'S OWN SON murdered at their hand. Though eternity's biggest looser and fully defeated at the cross, our enemy was far from dead. Following the establishment of God's New Covenant Church, satan quickly went to work adapting his craft to the our age, and is now enjoying it's rich fruition.

Today, the vast percentage of Christians who make up the contemporary Church are satisfied with things as they are...and even resist exhortation and change (See: Jeremiah 5:31). As they worship, sing and pray to the weak and even effeminate God our Father has become, they live in a self imposed bubble of Biblical ignorance and failure. Here they comfortably exist, weak in the knowledge and power required to battle our enemy and succeed. 

For those who would choose to withstand these developments… read on